Three Essential Tips for Making Your School Uniforms Last

mom teaching her sonA percentage of your budget goes to your child’s education and included in the package is their standard school attire. You may need to get at least two to three sets to cover all school days. But the thing is, like most tuition fees, quality uniforms don’t come cheap. That being said, additional care and longevity are essential. Here are some vital pointers that can help you extend the lifespan of your child’s uniforms.

Advice Your Kids To Be Responsible

Children may hesitate to tell you about repair issues in fear of being scolded or punished. Even simple loose buttons or small holes can be a bother so advise them to inform you about any kind of wear and tear, intentional or not. Reassure them that it’s for their good and they will not be in trouble for doing so. Make them understand that they’ll be more accountable to additional damage done to their uniform if they keep silent.

Inspect Pockets and Seams before Washing

Coins, paper or food wrappers may get in the way of washing your kids’ clothes properly, not to mention it may potentially stain the fabric permanently. Check for any loose threads or any need for repair before throwing the uniform into the wash. Your washing machine and detergent can cause more rips or loose ends if you don’t fix these problems first.

Choose Delicate Washing Agent

Using the right kind of cleaning product can affect any fabric’s quality and lifespan. Uniforms should maintain their materials’ color which gives you more reason to reconsider what detergent to use. Furthermore, there is also a vast array of eco-friendly laundry soaps which can help in keeping your child’s clothes safe. The St. Edward Integrated School in Lancaster is quite ecologically aware, so it helps to assist their curriculum with practical applications such as this.

These basic suggestions can ensure the durability of your children’s school attire. These pointers can also help your budget and your child’s welfare. It’s not so farfetched that these garments may remain sufficient for the whole school year if properly cared for.